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Hardwell turns to hardstyle?

06-07-2017 ~

And if Hardwell, like Tiesto, went on permanently to a completely different musical direction and led to the situation that in the future we will mention him as a DJ and producer, who in the rankings of DJ MAG reigned in the days when he played ‚completely Something different than today ‚

It is hard to imagine the situation for Hardwell to give up his big roomy voice forever, but who knows? If hardcore environment will love its productions and will it also have commercial meaning for it? For the time being, after the joint with the Headhunterz track and free ‚Wake Up Call’ came the time of the official single release in Revealed Recordings.



At the end of this year’s Defqon1 aroused a little euphoria, but let’s make a deal – in such circumstances it is easy to frenzy on the floor. How does ‚Make The World Ours’ sound without visual festival madness? Is Hardwell’s latest issue out? What do the fans of his previous hits think? What do hardstyle music fans think?



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