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Armin van Buuren Releases Piano Ballad As New Single – ‘Wild Wild Son’

12-10-2018 ~

Armin van Buuren has taken an interesting approach to his latest single, ‘Wild Wild Son’. In collaboration with the vocalist Sam Martin, Armin has stepped back from the worlds of trance and big room in exchange for a more melodic and emotionally driven production.

This is not a new move for Armin who released the relaxed vocal single ‘Sex Love & Water’ earlier this year. In 2018, it seems that Armin has worked to produce outside of his comfort zone. The results across the board have been widely successful.

Armin van Buuren – ‘Wild, Wild Son’

The new single starts out with a melancholy piano intro that seems reminiscent of an Above & Beyond Tri-State era production. Soon vocals join in as the melody begins to develop. The song is a slow burn and the vocals are very much the star.

AvB takes his time with this tune. Even when electronic elements join in, they are subtle and subdued. In a way, I almost wish they weren’t included as they did not seem entirely necessary posed against the rest of the song. Still overall, ‘Wild Wild Son’ is a gorgeous ballad that carries a heavy emotional weight.

Check it out below.



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