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26-02-2019 ~

An incident involving Melbourne bounce trailblazer Will Sparks was brought to light yesterday, he has responded. After an assistant tour manager tasked with cleaning out his trailer at one of the Ultra Australia events accused him of verbally abusing and physically intimidating her, the DJ/producer has apologized for his behavior.

The anonymous assistant tour manager told Your EDM that Sparks had tried to re-enter his trailer after she had ushered him out. She alleged that he and some girls deliberately stood in one of the doorways to prevent her from closing down, and when asked to step aside he called her “cunt” and a “bitch.” When she tried to close the second door, he punched it close and continued calling her names.

Shortly thereafter, another tour manager came forward with an account from two years ago of Sparks pushing her into a wall for asking him not to walk onstage during her artist’s performance.


In response to the allegations, Sparks sent Your EDM the following apology:


“I cannot express how regretful and apologetic I am regarding the incident that unfolded in Sydney on Feb 24. I was aggressive and said some unforgiving remarks that made no sense at all and were simply not true. At no point was I ever physical with any of the male or female staff. This is is completely out of character for me. Never in my life have I reacted in such a way, I am very embarrassed by my actions.

Unfortunately this was alcohol fuelled, which is no excuse. I had some built up personal frustrations which all came out at once, at an innocent individual who was just doing their job.

This is a massive learning curve for me. I embarrassed not only myself, but my whole team as well which I hate myself for.

I’m taking full responsibility for my actions and am willing to do what it takes to mend the situation as best I can.

I have also issued my apology to the person affected.”



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