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06-10-2020 ~

Ti├źsto┬áis the like Energizer Bunny of EDM, refusing to pump the brakes even after decades of releasing its most inescapable anthems. In a recent chat with┬áApple Music‘s┬áZane Lowe, the dance music legend revealed that he has a new album in the works.

In addition to chatting about his approach to DJing live,┬áembracing younger artists such as┬áMartin┬áGarrix, and his┬árecent signing to┬áAtlantic Records,┬áTi├źsto told Lowe about the album, which does not have a release date at the moment. “Well, I just signed with a new record label and I signed to Warner now, so that’s a big difference the team there really helps me to get good songs to work on. So yeah, we were working on a new album,” he said. “It was just a different kind of beast, I feel like. I mean, I’m doing growth with my own label, Musical Freedom, but it’s very underground kind of niche still. I mean, underground in my world.”

Ti├źsto went on to explain the difference between Warner and his┬áMusical Freedom┬ábanner in terms of musical releases. “Yeah, it’s definitely a different underground than you guys are used to, but compared to like what a Warner and Atlantic can do for me on a worldwide global level and to have like an organic top 10 hit worldwide, as Ti├źsto I need a label like that. I don’t think I can do that on Musical Freedom,” he continued. “I can upstream tracks from Musical Freedom to a major label, but to have a big successful hit nowadays in an organic way, because I’m not forcing myself to have a hit, but I want it to be something I can stand behind. And if it blows up, then it has to be with them, that’s how I see it.”

The trance music pioneer also discussed the late┬áAvicii, waxing poetic about his proclivity to conceal his pain and the downsides of success. “[Avicii] would really keep his face straight and would tell me, ‘Yeah, I love everything and everything is great.’ Then later on you heard that he had struggled with it. Unfortunately, he always hid those struggles from me so I was never really part of that dark side of where he ended up,” Ti├źsto told Lowe. “So unfortunately I couldn’t help him there, but it’s hard for a lot of artists when they come up because you go from 0 to 100 in five seconds. You have this one hit then suddenly the whole world wants you.”



Ultra Reveals Taiwan Event Next Month With Alesso, Kayzo, & More

06-10-2020 ~

All major events this year have essentially been cancelled, except for a select few in countries that have had a comparatively tight grip on the spread of COVID. Taiwan is such a country, with between 0 to 7 new daily cases since April 27. There was a spike in the country in August, but a spike for Taiwan just meant 7 new cases, compared to the USÔÇÖs 67,000 new cases on the same day.

With such a controlled environment, Ultra has announced a Road to Ultra event for next month in the country! On November 14, fans can see Alesso, Kayzo, Slander, Vini Vici, and more.

If you live outside of Taiwan, you can still go to the event, but be prepared for rigorous quarantine measures. Any foreign nationals entering the country must submit a negative COVID-19 test result issued within three days of boarding before they are allowed to board their flight or their transit flight, or to enter Taiwan. Upon entry into the country, you will be given another COVID test. Those who have symptoms shall be transported to a group quarantine facility to await test results; asymptomatic individuals shall undergo a 14-day period of home quarantine at home or at a quarantine hotel.

Tickets are on sale now at .

Koniec DJ-skich live stream├│w na Facebooku

06-10-2020 ~
Liczba Facebookowych live streamów w czasach pandemii przekroczyła wszelkie możliwe normy.
Od 1 pa┼║dziernika streamuj─ůc swoje sety ryzykowa─ç b─Öd─ů nawet zablokowaniem profilu lub grupy:
“Nie wolno u┼╝ywa─ç video do tworzenia ‘do┼Ťwiadczenia s┼éuchania muzyki’. Je┼Ťli b─Ödziesz u┼╝ywa─ç video do tworzenia ‘do┼Ťwiadczenia s┼éuchania muzyki’ dla siebie lub dla innych, video b─Ödzie blokowane, a tw├│j profil albo grupa mog─ů by─ç usuni─Öte. To dotyczy r├│wnie┼╝ streamingu live”.┬á
Jak pisz─ů na DigitalDJTips “przekaz jest jasny: video jest do prezentowania rodziny i przyjaci├│┼é, a nie do uploadowania muzyki”.┬á



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